I am Mike Howe. After an initial HR training, I spent +15 years in Human Resources positions in major groups in France and abroad, in the Industry, Health and Services sectors (Air Liquide, Aden Services, Snecma, Crédit Agricole). I am also trained in Coaching and NLP before I started BizVodic.

As part of my duties, I have supported several hundred professional mobility and recruitment projects; I have worked with all types of functions: support, projects, marketing, business development, purchasing, supply chain, IT, R&D… Very involved in professional development, I have identified what employees should do or do better to succeed, evolve, change jobs, change companies, emerge from difficult professional periods, or more broadly to manage their careers.

And that includes the expatriate population, whom I know very well. I spent my entire childhood on expatriation, I was an expatriate spouse, I worked in Asia, I had to manage my own return from expatriation and I also managed expatriate careers in the USA, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Russia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

These years have been very rich and I was keen to share this HR knowledge with as many people as possible so that they could develop in their work, give their best, find the most suitable position, and allow companies to grow and capitalize fully on their talents.

So as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I created a Career Support Office, at the service of Executives, Executives and Expatriates in position, who want to take a career break, find meaning in their work, clarify their professional trajectory, succeed in their internal mobility, enhance their skills upon returning from expatriation, be supported in their external research.

I will accompany you by video conference (skype, hangout, zoom or any other system) to give you maximum flexibility and so that you can benefit from my services wherever you are based in the world.

What I am convinced of

Without clear direction, it is difficult to give the right direction to your career and make the right career choices.

Without prior preparation, the results are not the same. You can miss out on great opportunities.

Sooner or later, you will need to be on a position that makes sense, that is in line with your evolution, your motivations, ambitions and values.

It is up to you to show your company what you have done, who you are and what you want.

Being able to bounce back externally if necessary is crucial these days.

Searching externally, alone, and while on duty is complicated.

Preparing for your return from expatriation is essential.

Being accompanied for your career is a huge plus. To have the help of specialized consultants on your own case is a godsend.

If it is time for you to take charge of your career and you think that coaching could make sense, then let’s meet! All you need to do is schedule an Exploratory appointment (Skype or phone). It is free of charge, without obligation. You will be more on my side and will leave with advice.