General Liability Insurance

The private liability insurance is one of the most important insurances, which nobody should renounce. Since the legislator, according to ยง823 BGB (German Civil Code), regulates that the party causing the damage has to pay almost unlimited amounts for the damage caused in the private environment, general liability insurance is extremely important.

What is insured?

Apart from the amount of the insurance premium, this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions about general liability insurance. This type of insurance covers damage caused to other persons by the policyholder or co-insured persons, for example family members such as children. The resulting financial risks are also covered within the scope of the insured sum.These losses and the associated financial consequences include personal injury, property damage, but also financial losses and rental property damage.

Damages caused intentionally by the policyholder are excluded from the general liability insurance. If he suffers damage himself, this also does not constitute a case of damage for the liability insurance. With the exception of rental damages, damages to borrowed, leased or rented objects are not taken into account in the insurance contract.

In addition, damage caused by work of friendship or goodwill as well as damage that can occur through the use of motor vehicles are also excluded from the scope of insurance. In such cases, motor vehicle liability insurance applies.

Who is insured?

In addition to the policyholder, the general liability insurance automatically includes the spouse and legitimate children. The life partner can also be included in the insurance contract.
How high should the sum insured be? As a rule, general liability insurance is offered with a sum insured of between two and ten million euros.

The General Liability Insurance guarantees the Insured the payment of indemnities which are liable under civil law according to the law and involuntarily third parties for events arising from the risk or activity, in the special conditions and within the limits set, by fault or negligence of the Insured. This compensation may result from physical, material and other damages that may arise in connection with your private or family life.

Who can take this insurance into service?

Owners or owners of pets.
Families with domestic staff under their care.
People who practice a sport as amateurs.
Damage to third parties caused by water.
Deterioration due to fire or explosion.
As a supplement to another main guarantee, e.g. household insurance.
This compensation may result from physical, material and other damage that may occur in connection with your private or family life.

What does general liability insurance cover?

The payment of compensation to the injured parties caused by the civil liability of the insured person.
The payment of costs and judicial or extrajudicial costs related to the incident.
The constitution of the judicial debt securities required by the insured person to ensure his civil liability.
It shall be covered up to the maximum amount specified in each guarantee and provided that the loss is not caused intentionally or by the carelessness of the insured person.

What does General HPFL Insurance offer?

General liability insurance is intended to protect the private sphere of the family unit. Even the most seemingly insignificant acts of privacy can cause serious damage to third parties and create a difficult economic claim for an individual.

Why does private liability insurance make sense?

It happens faster than you think: concentration decreases and something breaks or someone even suffers damage. If you are liable in such a case, your personal liability insurance usually takes effect.

If you do not have private liability insurance, this means that accounts, savings, real estate and salary may be used for the expenses. Even inheritances and lottery winnings can be used. After all, you have to pay until the full amount has been paid.

Additional packages liability insurance

Many insurers offer special and additional packages. For example, they can save you the cost of losing service and private keys. For example, if you lose the key to the entrance to your home, it may be expensive. Often the entire locking system has to be replaced.

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